Services Provided by Town Halls

The Town Hall in each Village, Town or City provide a wide range of services to the local population, according to the size and location of the municipality, but generally include the following:

Public Administration Services:

Civil registration: Registration of births, marriages and deaths.

Population registry: Registration and updating of residents.

Issuance of official documents: Identity cards, passports and driving licences (in some places).

Administrative formalities: Processing of documents, certificates and permits.


Public school management: Maintenance and supervision of public primary and secondary schools.

Education and support programmes: Workshops, extracurricular activities and tutoring services.

Culture and Recreation:

Municipal libraries: Access to books and educational resources.

Sports facilities: Swimming pools and sports courts.

Cultural programmes: Concerts, exhibitions, theatre and festivals.

Health and Welfare:

Municipal health centres: 

Basic medical care and preventive health services.

Wellness programmes: 

Health promotion and fitness activities.

Housing and Urban Planning:

Urban planning: Urban development regulation and planning.

Social housing: Programmes and subsidies for low-income housing.

Transport and Mobility:

Road maintenance: Repair and maintenance of municipal streets and roads.

Public transport: Operation of local buses or trams (in some cities).


Waste management: Collection and recycling of rubbish and solid waste.

Parks and green areas: Maintenance of public parks and natural spaces.

Public Security:

Municipal police: Maintenance of public order and local security.

Civil protection: Preparedness and response to emergencies and natural disasters.

Social Affairs:

Social assistance: Support for people in vulnerable situations.

Programmes for the elderly and disabled: Day centres and care services.

Economy and Employment:

Economic promotion: Support for local businesses and employment promotion.

Employment offices: Advice and job search.


Tourist offices: Tourist information and promotion.

Management of monuments and historical sites: Maintenance and promotion of local heritage.

Fiscal and financial management:

Collection of municipal taxes: Taxes on property, water, rubbish, among others.

Budget and accounting: Management of municipal financial resources.

These are just a few examples of services that are typically provided at the municipal level. The range of services can vary significantly from one municipality to another, and in some cases, powers and responsibilities may be shared with regional or national authorities. Municipalities play a key role in the daily lives of citizens by providing essential services and managing local affairs.

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